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Blessing O.J – Muoghomwen-rhoho (Plead My Cause) Lyrics

    Lyrics for Muoghomwen-rhoho (Plead My Cause) By Blessing O.J

    (Plead my cause)

    Please my king
    Please my Majesty
    Please my King (please)
    Let my prayers be heard

    King of kings plead my cause
    Lord of lords plead my cause
    Rock of ages plead my cause
    Come to my aid
    Let my prayers be heard

    Verse one:
    I lift up my eyes unto the  hills
    The hills from whence cometh my help
    You have done it before
    You can do it again
    I have been fasting for a long time
    I have crying for a long time
    I have been praying for a long time
    Please Lord, come to my aid
    It’s my set time, it’s my set time the God that Does Not mock
    Come to my aid.

    Verse two:
    I bring before thee, all my heart desires
    You are my strong tower
    Do not allow me and my household to be drenched by the rain
    The troubles in my household, I bring before thee my king
    Lord take care of them…
    Because there’s nothing You cannot do
    You are the God who fights unseen battles
    Take away this reproach
    Come to my aid

    Verse three:
    I’ve searched all over
    There’s no other gods that can take away this burdens.
    I have no power of my own
    Please have mercy on me
    I don’t have guns
    I don’t have swords
    To fight my battles
    Please come and fight for me
    Please father, plead my cause
    Manifest Yourself
    Come to my aid..

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