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Austin Omozeje – Eledumare Lyrics

    Lyrics for Eledumare By Austin Omozeje

    Verse 1:

    Wetin my eyes don see
    My mouth no fit talk am
    Even people wey dey here with me
    Their mouth no fit talk am too
    Na only God know where dey pain me
    As I stand for here today
    Na him be the only true God I know
    I don talk am before
    I go still talk am again
    Na my papa do am for me
    Nyn make me still dey here
    Oya oya oya oya
    Join me give am praise
    For the good things He has done.

    Verse 2:

    I don dey tire for Your case
    As I tell You reach You no wan hear
    You don too stay dey waka about
    Time don reach make You follow Jesus
    I can’t explainnnnnn
    The way e dey do me for body
    E dey make me highhhhhhh
    When it comes to Grace
    Omo na we get am
    I dunno whyyyyyyy
    You still dey wait
    Make we drag You for body for body
    When it comes to grace
    Omo na we get am

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